Piranha Diamond Flame 8.0F


Piranha single-use burs are specifically designed to increase office efficiency and clinical effectiveness by using a new diamond for each procedure. Piranha Diamonds offer greater tactile feel, leading to more consistent performance and more precise results. Over 500 shapes, sizes and grits; cuts as fast as pricier alternatives, at a fraction of the cost. Single-Patient-Use Diamonds Offer: Control: Clinicians prefer the feel of a _________fresh_____ diamond for each patient. Quality & Consistency: Preparation quality is greatly increased when you use a new diamond for each patient. Simplicity: With Piranha Diamonds, you just use them and throw them away, eliminating the worry of cross-contamination. Selection: Piranha Diamonds offer the broadest selection of Single-Patient-Use diamonds in the industry today, with over 500 diamonds available. Grit: Medium

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